Car Link Dongle USB
Car Link Dongle USB
Car Link Dongle USB
Car Link Dongle USB
Car Link Dongle USB
Car Link Dongle USB

Car Link Dongle USB

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Product Details
Product Details
Car Link Dongle USBCar Link Dongle USB
Which iPhones support CarPlay?
iPhone with iOS 8.0 and above; Android mobile phones and car stereos with android version 4.2 and above;
WINCE 6.0 locomotive support. You can run the software test machine first.

CE Software Download Address: //

How to connect to the CarPlay system?


1. Install our app for the USB adapter in your Android phone.
2. Plug our product into your Android phone USB port.
3. Plug in your own original car navigation cable into our product.
4. Plug the USB cable into your phone.
Car Link Dongle USB

1. Plug our product into your Iphone USB port.
2. Plug in your own original car navigation cable into our product.
3. Plug the USB cable into your Iphone.
4.Setting on your iphone follow this picture
Car Link Dongle USB
How to control the CarPlay system?
The design of the app itself has also been re-conceived.
Let you drive without having to remove your hands and sight. Giving more safety
Car Link Dongle USB
CarPlay is equipped with Siri voice control for scene driving , CarPlay can also be used with car controls such as knobs, buttons and touch screens.
There are currently three ways to control CarPlay.
1. Press the voice button on the steering wheel to control via Siri voice;
2. Through the touch screen, the CarPlay system uses a large icon display scheme, so it can be controlled by touch.
3. Knob and control keys, taking GLA as an example, the central control knob can be used as the up, down, left and right, or left/right dial/press to play music cut songs; the star key becomes the Home button, and one button returns to the main interface.
Car Link Dongle USB
Is CarPlay a separate operating system?
CarPlay is not a separate operating system. It is exactly the iPhone's extended screen. When CarPlay switches programs, the iPhone will also switch synchronously. Of course, applications such as “map” and “music” can run in the background.
How do I download the CarPlay app?
CarPlay supports other apps on your phone, such as your favorite audio, messaging and voice app.
At the same time, it also supports various apps developed by car manufacturers, so you can control more functions of the car without having to quit carplay. You can even re-arrange various apps on the carplay car through your mobile phone. Arrange the way to make your operating experience more personalized.
A more convenient way is to search for CarPlay through the App Store, so that related applications will be presented. For example, some applications not mentioned in the official website actually have CarPlay applications. Some countries here are different, so they are not listed in detail.
How to set up a CarPlay app?
The CarPlay interface on the car does not have a button, so it has to be set from the iPhone's “General” – “CarPlay Car”.
Can manage connected vehicles;
Sort CarPlay icons, or delete unwanted apps (just delete them from CarPlay);
Allow CarPlay to be used on the lock screen status.
Phone & information
Of course, you can also query the address book, call the phone with one button or start the map navigation according to the address of the address book; here is a problem, the culture of CarPlay is not complete!
SMS function
Based on security considerations, CarPlay does not display the specific content of the SMS, only through Siri's rigid voice broadcast.
Music and podcasts

Siri and talk each other
This product has a new microphone function.
Even if it is far from the microphone, the call, Siri's reception is good.
Car Link Dongle USB

More other function


CarPlay supports screenshots by pressing the iPhone's combined screenshot button, Home+ power button, and then automatically saving to the iPhone's album. Right, there will be two screenshots at the same time, and one is the iPhone interface.

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